When it rains, it pours

Last Wednesday I received a call from daycare that an infant in Noah’s class had tested positive for Covid-19. This meant that we needed to pick Noah up and quarantine until the following Wednesday, being tomorrow.

Don’t get me wrong, but being home with my son for a week straight is a full-time job in itself. My husband worked remotely in the basement, helping me out when I needed it, but wow that was tough.

Noah started having separation anxiety, screaming before and after naps when up to this point he never screamed. Also, his naps were super short, making for a tired boy.

Friday morning around 12:30AM I woke up and checked Noah’s room temperature on our app. We try to check it periodically and adjust it accordingly because it fluctuates constantly in his room. It was super cold and we discovered that our furnace stopped working. My husband turned on the fireplace and when Lowes opened at 6:00AM, he quickly drove there to buy two space heaters. Noah and I hung out on the play mat closest to the fireplace to keep nice and toasty. Luckily the furnace was able to be fixed early Friday.

The best thing to do when on quarantine is get out of the house when you can whether it is taking walks or just going for a drive. We also busted out two of Noah’s Christmas gifts to mix it up some in the house. We gave him a talking remote and a ball pit. We purchased the pop n go play yard from California Beach Co. and added 200 small balls and 25 small 8-inch beach balls. He loves sitting in it, doing tummy time in it or smacking the balls together in his hands.

Needless to say, I am hoping that we all stay safe and others make smart decisions this holiday season so that we do not need to miss work or quarantine again.

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