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Welcome to the life of blind motherhood, and many other interesting topics

Hi all. My name is Erin. I am the mother to a beautiful almost 3 month old baby boy. I just so happen to be blind. Stay tuned for the journey, stories, frustrations, happy times and hopefully a good laugh. My husband will post his point of view or share stories as well as a sighted parent. We "see" things differently but both have clear vision when it comes to parenting and marriage. Chat soon and thank you for visiting.

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I apologize, it has been quite some time since I have sent out a blind Mommy blog. Summer and the beginning of Fall have been so busy with visiting family, swimming, apple picking, and basically livin

Toddlers will have tantrums, that is just how it is. In my own terms, their brains are not mature enough and lack different things that adults have such as reasoning, emotional control, or empathy. No

So, potty training, did not go as planned, but that is perfectly OK. As I mentioned and discussed in the last blog post, I was all prepared, mentally ready, and going to start potty training, what I t

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