Welcome to the life of blind motherhood, and many other interesting topics

Hi all. My name is Erin. I am the mother to a beautiful almost 3 month old baby boy. I just so happen to be blind. Stay tuned for the journey, stories, frustrations, happy times and hopefully a good laugh. My husband will post his point of view or share stories as well as a sighted parent. We "see" things differently but both have clear vision when it comes to parenting and marriage. Chat soon and thank you for visiting.

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Heart of Gold

When I was pregnant with Noah, I kept hoping that he would be a noisy baby so that I would know where he was at all times. Thankfully, he is quite noisy and I wouldn’t change that for the world. From

Hand, Foot & Mouth

Life is just down right hard, there is no way around that statement. It’s how we deal with things that make a real difference. This past weekend, Noah had a small rash on his face, near the corner of

Not a Feel Good Moment

Noah is obsessed with playing outside, which is such a great thing! He will go and get one of his “la la’s,” toy lawn mowers, and roam around the driveway or the yard. Noah will also play with chalk,