Welcome to the life of blind motherhood, and many other interesting topics

Hi all. My name is Erin. I am the mother to a beautiful almost 3 month old baby boy. I just so happen to be blind. Stay tuned for the journey, stories, frustrations, happy times and hopefully a good laugh. My husband will post his point of view or share stories as well as a sighted parent. We "see" things differently but both have clear vision when it comes to parenting and marriage. Chat soon and thank you for visiting.

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Cute Little Helper

The cutest thing happened yesterday when my husband and I were walking with Noah into daycare. Noah has enjoyed walking into daycare on his own with Daddy and I either holding his hand or walking near


Each time in the past, that I heard someone talk about a child leash, I told myself, “I would never put a leash on my child.” As Noah has gotten more mobile, I can tell you that I just purchased one f

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety has been a tough one, for all of us. It comes and goes and does not usually last too long but it sure does stink. The way that I’ve learned to recognize the difference between pain