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Wearing Sneakers...Wasn't he Just Born?

I feel like my little boy is not so little anymore. When I carry him out of daycare, or carry him up the stairs to go to bed, it feels as if he keeps growing overnight. It is hard to remember the days when he was first born and only weighed a little over 7 pounds, I thought he was heavy then. Now he is about 25 pounds and growing like a weed. My left bicep is going to be twice the size of my right.

The past few months have literally flown by. From pulling up on furniture or objects, eating everything he can get his hands on, and now walking, I cannot keep up with this boy.

Sneakers, Noah is now wearing sneakers. When the heck did this even happen? My husband and I put sneakers on our son for a couple minutes each day so that he can get used to the feeling. Daycare also has a pair that we gave them and he wears them periodically there too.

We want Noah to be barefoot or without shoes, especially while he is still learning how to walk and find his balance, but we also want to slowly introduce him to the idea of shoes. At daycare, in order to go outside on the little playground that they have, Noah will need to wear shoes. We are trying to get ahead of the game for when the nice weather is here to stay so that he can go out and play.

At first, he looked down at his feet and was probably thinking “what are these colorful things on my feet?” After a couple seconds of admiring his new kicks, he took off as if he had worn them his whole life. He walks around with a huge smile on his face as if he his saying “I’m a big shot, look at me everyone.” He is very proud of himself and we are so very proud of him too.

As a blind Mom, I can hear where he is in the house much easier than when he is cruising around with his socks on. The shoes make a louder noise against the hardwood floors and when he has socks on, it’s like he is tiptoeing around. A winning moment for the Mom who can’t see!

He is becoming smarter each day as well. Noah can understand simple commands such as “get a book, where is your school bus, go drink some water, or where is your Elmo?” It is fascinating to me that he understands simple statements.

Although he does not say many words, he already knows how to say, “dirty, doggy, dada, mama, book, car and a few others.” Granted, these words do not sound clear enough to decipher what they are out of context, but when he is pulling on his 5-foot giant stuffed doggy and says “dada” we know he means, “doggy.” Or when he grabs a book and walks over to you to pick him up and read it with him, he says “boo” for book.

I am so excited to see what even the next month brings in terms of vocabulary, understanding, playing, and wearing his sneakers outside.

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