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The Bath Torpedo Strikes Again

Remember a few months ago, when my husband and Noah were taking a bath together? If you have forgotten, it was when our son decided to poop in the tub and my husband held him over the side of the tub so that he could poop on the ledge.

Well, at the end of that blog, I mentioned that I would get my turn of this someday too. I also mentioned that there would be a floating log in the tub and I wouldn’t even know it.

The story begins. Noah and I were taking a bath and playing with all of our usual toys. The tub was filled with balls and bath books, spatulas and strainers, and lots and lots of his toys.

When it is time to get out and dry off, we usually drain the water while Noah is still in there and me or my husband hop out and dry off right next to the tub.

Noah did his usual splashing around and continued playing with toys until the water was all gone.

My husband came up to take Noah out of the tub and start getting his pajamas on when he told me, “babe, there’s a log floating in there with him.”

Of course, we now need to clean and sanitize the entire tub and the plethora of toys that were in there with him, but my lingering thought was, “when did that happen? And was there a poop torpedo in there this whole time?”

I keep telling myself that it happened after I got out, but in reality, he could have been playing with it this whole time as a toy. Hah, you just never know.

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