Teamwork Parenting is completely, 100% revolved around teamwork. If you struggled being a teammate at a particular sport, I feel that parenting will be difficult for those types of people. In teamwork, there is a lot of compromising, sharing, communicating, listening, give & take, and understanding. Same in parenting, without the previous mentioned skills, parenting will be much tougher than it needs to. For example, just this morning, my husband and I worked as a team. Most of it goes without saying but if one of us is feeding the baby, the other is doing laundry or tidying up the toy area. If one of us is giving him a bath, the other one is washing bottles or cleaning up from dinner. Sometimes the tasks or duties seem lopsided and we need to keep each other in check but for the most part, we work as a well-oiled machine. (Don’t ask about that statement, it’s some dumb phrase the husband always says). The mere fact that I am a female and my husband is a male, makes communicating a nightmare sometimes. Why can’t men just think correctly, or like us women. It’s so funny how one of us can say something but interpret it two completely different ways. For example. This morning, our son was in his highchair and his toy fell. My husband said, it’s under the table, near you, meaning me, right? No, he meant, it is under the table, where I usually sit, which mind you is the complete opposite spot that I was standing. That makes complete sense right? Anyways, I guess the bottom line is, working as a team whether as a parent or on a soccer team, has its ups and downs. If we stick to it, share, communicate, and discuss our goals, things will run much smoother than they would if we worked against each other.

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