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Survival Mode

Happy Birthday to our two-year-old little boy. His birthday was last week and every day leading up to it he’d say “happy birthday come up.”

The night of his birthday, Noah threw up numerous times throughout the night. Tim and I attributed it to maybe eating too many sweets during the day, celebrating at school and at home. When I spoke to his daycare teacher the next morning, she said that he didn’t even want a cupcake and opted for goldfish crackers instead. Hmm…odd.

The next morning, Noah woke up and had numerous loose stool. I did not send him to daycare, and I stayed home with him. He was acting pretty normal, but a pinch needier than usual.

My parents have always been a huge help with assisting if I need to work from home or need rides, amongst millions of other things. Unfortunately, my parents got sick as well, after helping out that day.

The next day, Thursday, Noah went to school and seemed OK. That evening, Tim and I were throwing up all night and having terrible stomach pains and loose stools. Let’s just say, I never want to eat pizza again. My husband had chicken wings and had hot sauce in his nose. He is obsessed with wings, but he told me he never wants to eat them ever again.

Friday, Noah woke up, and Tim and I were literally in survival mode. We could barely move off the couches and did the best that we could to tag team the morning routine. Noah kept asking us to come with him into his play room, but we just could not do it. Therefore, Noah took his play room to us. He dragged his small table, chairs, and two bins of toys, into the family room where Tim and I were. He was happy and able to entertain himself.

Friday afternoon/evening, we were feeling somewhat better, and were just weak at this point. We were drinking as much water as our bodies allowed, and trying to muster up the stomach to eat little bits of crackers here and there.

Friday evening, Noah woke up from throwing up twice. All I wanted was a good night sleep but we had to just roll with the punches and take care of our little sick bear.

Saturday, Noah seemed fine, and went to soccer. He had a blast with his cousin and aunt who helped him for his class. Tim stayed back and cleaned the house, thankfully, it was gross from all of our germs.

Sunday rolled around and Noah had a good night sleep, but threw up after nap, and a few times after that, not to mention, more very mloose stool.

My husband and I debated taking him to the urgent care, but realized that they wouldn’t do much different than we were doing. Luckily, Noah is drinking a lot of water and pedialyte to stay hydrated. He has had no appetite for about a week, but that could be due to a belly ache, fear of throwing up or pooping, or who really knows at this point.

Note, do not water down pedialyte, we had no idea, but it changes the composition of the juice, and might not be as effective or helpful.

Noah is at daycare today and no issues thus far, so we shall see. He has his two-year appointment at the pediatrician on Wednesday, so hopefully we can address this if it continues until then.

This was such a difficult time, feeling so helpless and defeated. We couldn’t have anyone really help out because then they might get sick, but we wanted nothing more than to crawl in bed and sleep off the sickness.

My husband and I are worried about having to take more time off of work. We have already had to take many days off for quarantines and other illnesses, that we literally have no time to use. Most of all, we just want our little buddy bear to feel better.

Life sure is hard sometimes, and the best thing that we can do is to do the best that we can at any given moment.

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