Sleeping through the night

Sleeping through the night Our son has been pretty much sleeping through the night since last Wednesday evening. When I say sleeping through the night, I mean, a solid ten or twelve hours. Just as soon as we get used to this though, he will switch it up. The first night that this happened, I had to wake my husband up to check on our son and make sure he was alive. A million things were running through my mind but suddent infant death syndrome was the main fear. Thankfully, our son was sound asleep in dreamland and all was good in the world. The past few nights, or mornings I guess, I wake up and think similar thoughts but I calm myself by telling myself that he is just fine. Also, yesterday, we rearranged his bedroom. We put the crib where the dresser was and vise versa. The reasoning was to put the crib further away from the hallway noise etc. I am still getting used to this set up and hopefully won’t try and put him to sleep on the dresser instead of the crib, ha-ha. We are getting used to our sons cues in terms of being tired, hungry, bored and wanting to be picked up or set down to play. It’s pretty hard to determine what a little guy wants that cannot speak to us but we are trying to get the hang of it as each day passes.

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