Sleeping-Butt in the air

Ever since Noah started sleeping on his tummy, which was fairly recently, we find him in the strangest sleeping positions. The most common is where his butt is in the air, his legs are curled under him as if he were crawling, and his arms are under his body down towards his hips. Also, his head is turned to either side and his feet are usually crossed, so proper.

His other frequented position is on his belly with his legs froggy and his arms are touchdown over his head. Daddy and I always say that Noah is PTFO in this position, meaning, “passed the f*** out.”

At first, my husband and I were questioning if he could be cold and curls up to stay warm. We check his room temperature very frequently on our thermometer app, and we go in during the night to feel the temperature for ourselves and it feels warm, but not too warm.

Each morning when Noah wakes up, I feel the back of his neck which is a great way to tell if your baby is warm or cold, and he seems just right, maybe even a tad warm.

We keep our house on 70 degrees but Noah has a space heater in his room set to 69 to keep it consistent. His room fluctuates between 70 and 71 degrees and he sleeps in a cotton footy sleeper.

The reality is, he is comfortable and that is how he slept in the womb. What seems uncomfortable to us, might be comfortable to a baby and thus, weird sleep positions.

Feel free to read this article that a friend of mine shared with me. It explains why babies sleep with their butt in the air and it might put you at ease as well.

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