Sleep Regression

Sleep Regression or sleep in general. Our son is 3 and a half months old and last Tuesday, he started randomly waking frequently in the middle of the night. We have read about the 4 month sleep regression but were not quite sure what to expect as each infant experiences it a bit differently. Our son would wake multiple times and sometimes he’d be able to sooth himself back to bed but other times, he needed some help. We would take turns going in, lifting him out of the crib and rocking him. Sometimes this worked and other times it did not. This regression happens when the infant is starting to learn new things such as rolling over, sitting up or just taking in more of the world around them. Our son is not rolling over or sitting up yet but he is much more observant in the past week and very curious. Tips when dealing with a sleep regression that we have learned so far. • Keep the room dark and use quiet voices if you need to talk at all. • If your infant has previously been sleeping throughout the night without a feeding, like our son, don’t start soothing with a feeding as they will start thinking that this is part of their routine now. • Stick to your routine, whether it is rocking, siniging, humming, shushing, swaying etc. Although these sleep associations will need to be broken in the future, they are what keeps you sane during this time. • Most of all, be patient and take turns with your other half as the nights can be long and exhausting.

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