Single Parenting

Most of you probably read the title of this blog and thought the worst. Yes, my husband and I are still happily married, but for the last 6 days, I have been a single parent. My husband has been out of town, well, across the country, for a work related conference, thus leaving me a single parent. He returns in a couple of days and I am beyond ready for him to be home.

Noah turns 18 months this coming Sunday and is an amazing, loveable little guy. Like any toddler, he has very minimal tantrums which seem mainly due to communication barriers. He is starting to test the waters with limits and the word “no.” He thoroughly enjoys running into the road, despite multiple attempts to teach him otherwise, and he knows what he wants, and when he wants it.

Noah also started his new classroom at daycare, yesterday. Noah is now in the classroom with toddlers who are 18 months to three years old. Noah has spent a lot of time in this classroom over the past couple months, so he seems pretty well acclimated. Of course, this change was harder on me than it was for him. Noah’s infant teacher said it well, it is bitter sweet.

Noah is growing so quick, learning new words so fast, and playing with his buddies all day. They have structured times for art, music, free play, circle time with flashcards etc., and lots of outdoor play on the playground.

At his daycare, the teachers email a daily sheet letting the parents know what they did and had for lunch etc. Here was yesterday’s note. I can just picture him doing all of these things, with his friends, and having so much fun!

“This week’s theme is shark/beach! Today at circle we did color flash cards and sang slippery fish. For art we made a paper plate shark. We played with assorted animals and cars with ramps. We played with bubbles on the playground and we had a dance party before nap. Lunch was bologna and cheese sandwich, vegetable soup, banana, and milk. Have a great afternoon!”

Needless to say, Noah was exhausted last night and slept pretty well, until 4:30 came around. He woke up wide awake, ready to play, and Mommy was not quite at his level yet.

Yesterday, I reached the point of “my husband can come home now.” My parents have helped so very much and my sister and family, but there is nothing like your other half to be there to tag team parenting and life in general.

We alternate who gives Noah a bath while the other picks up toys and books in the house, maybe empties the dishwasher or throws a load of laundry in. Sometimes we get our lunches ready for the next day, or sit on the couch for ten minutes of unwinding. I have realized while my husband has been gone, that there are definitely not enough hours in the day. I have really been good about putting things off and not sweating the small stuff. If the dishes sit in the sink another day, who cares. Laundry can usually wait a day or two, and if there are toys or books strewn on the floor, it really is no big deal.

I am proud of myself for tackling the single parenting challenge and having it be successful, but as I told Noah this morning, 2 more sleeps and Dada will be home!

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