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Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety has been a tough one, for all of us. It comes and goes and does not usually last too long but it sure does stink.

The way that I’ve learned to recognize the difference between pain and separation anxiety is if I hear Noah crying in his room and I go in. If he continues to cry, then I know something is really wrong. If he stops crying and jumps into my arms, I know that he is having some fear of being alone.

I do my best to reassure him that everything is OK, and that Mommy and Daddy are right next door if he needs anything. Eventually he will lay down, we rub his back, and he will fall asleep.

At daycare lately, Noah has clung to us so hard when we reach the door of his classroom. He does not cry, but he clearly does not want to leave our arms. The teachers are great about assisting us, distracting Noah and all ends up being fine.

Separation anxiety is tough, but it really is a good thing. Having that bond, love and connection is important and this is one of the ways that it shows.

If you are going through this stage, stay calm, be patient, and just know that this too will pass.

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