Road Trip

Roadtrip We took our first big outing today, about an hour and fifteen minutes away. I was a pinch nervous that it was going to backfire but our son had just taken a good nap, he was just fed and had a clean diaper. We decided to head out. On the way there, our son chewed his fingers, made goofy noises, and sucked on his pacifier. He ended up falling asleep for a little bit, but was completely content so far. On our return trip, we had to stop off of the highway to diaper change and feed him. Still, no fussing. I can safely say that I have never fed a child in the backseat of the car, but it went well. In our diaper bag, we carry the powder formula packets and bottled water to make it easy to mix a bottle quickly. Into the car seat he went and we headed home. I think that staying calm as a parent and going with the flow definitely helps a baby feel relaxed as well. Yes, I’m sure if we were in the car much longer, he would have began to fuss, but we are lucky parents to have such a great and easy going boy. Here are the items that we keep in our diaper bag in case you need to pack one or are missing some items. • Diapers • A couple changes of clothing (hat, socks, onesie, sleeper, pants, jacket/sweatshirt) • Burp cloths • Changing pad • Butt paste • Wipes • Bibs • Blanket • Toys (teethers or rattles etc.) • Hand sanitizer • Tissues (those are for me) • Spare bottle • Formula • Bottled water • Pad & pen • Wash cloth (to cover his Johnson when diaper changing) • Bags for dirty diapers (we use scented ones that are probably meant for dogs but they come in a small roll and are in a little round container that we pull out when we need one. It hooks right to the diaper bag)

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