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Potty Training-let's do it another day

So, potty training, did not go as planned, but that is perfectly OK.

As I mentioned and discussed in the last blog post, I was all prepared, mentally ready, and going to start potty training, what I thought was a little one who was also ready

This past Saturday morning, I woke up, ready to go, pumped up and as prepared as I could be. I explained to Noah, a few days leading up to this, that we would say bye bye to his diapers and wear big boy underwear. He seemed excited and had no issues with it up to this point.

Saturday morning, when he woke up, I reminded him again, buddy, we are going to take our diaper off soon and put underwear on, and go peepee and poopy in the potty. Still, he seemed on board.

My husband and I determine that we’d tag team and take Noah every 30 minutes to the potty, which is an insert on our normal toilet. We tried this probably 10 times in total and each time, Noah freaked out, screamed, and thrashed to get off of the potty.

We decided to put Noah back in diapers and to try again another time, maybe in a few months or so.

At first, I felt so defeated, as if I failed him or myself. I soon realized that this was completely out of my control and that I did not care when he learned how to use the potty, he will learn it on his timeline and that is just fine.

I did not want to traumatize him, force him to use the potty, or stress him out. We told him that we were very proud of him for doing his best, and that we’d try again another day.

I have been researching potty chairs, that are toddler size and can be moved anywhere throughout the house. I decided that this might be the best avenue to go for the next time we try to learn how to use the potty.

As a blind mom, I already use my fingers to feel his diaper, during a diaper change, just to make sure there isn’t poop, or “a little nugget” as my husband says. This is second nature to me, and I wash my hands and move on with my day.

This sounds strange, but if we had a little toddler potty, I could touch to see if it was wet, or if he had pooped, to know if he was actually going to the bathroom on the potty.

In conclusion, whether you think your little one is ready and shows many signs of readiness, you will truly never know until you try. If it does not go as planned, stop what you are doing and try again some other day.

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