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Play Area

Play area

Noah used to use the play mat with the dangling toys as he laid on his back. He quickly grew out of that a few months ago.

In our living room we have a kick and play piano, a table with activities that Noah stands up at with assistance, a stationary jumper with toys around it, and a play area surrounded by my old maternity pillow in case he were to fall backwards or sideways when sitting up on his own. My pillow is similar to a giant letter “C” and Noah sits in it while his Daddy and I get ready for work or make dinner etc.

Noah loves his small box filled with shapes, anything that rattles or shakes, soft blocks, a train that makes noise, larger cars, books, and his stackable donuts.

Noah also loves his “car” as we call it. He sits in it and stands to walk but there are wheels on the bottom. He cannot tip over. We take his socks off and he goes to town around the main floor of our house in his walker. We chase him and he giggles the whole time.

Even though Noah is not walking yet, only while holding our hands, we put the outlet covers in already. He will be cruising in his little car and stop at every outlet area. Make sure the outlet covers are in long before your child can walk, it is just a little piece of mind and one less thing you’ll have to do later.

I am the type of person that would rather have safety things done ahead of time instead of after the fact when I am scrambling to get them finished. Our gates have been in for months now but I am comforted in knowing that they are ready to go when we need them, any day now.

Noah loves being outside. We put a big blanket in the grass, gather some of his toys and sit out there forever. He watches cars drive by, listens to the birds, reaches for grass/leaves/sticks and takes it all in. Noah still loves stroller walks as well. Mommy and Daddy point out different sounds or objects or animals to Noah. Even though he does not understand what we are saying yet, we have read that talking to your child and explaining things helps them to start understanding words, conversations and meanings for things around him.

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