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Non verbal activity Some of the most difficult parts of being a blind mother this far is not being able to decipher different sounds, see a smile, understand what your child is doing, look at the video monitor in the middle of the night to determine if he is awake, and most of all, visually see the miracle that you created. The first few weeks, not being able to see my son really bothered me. Everyone else could see pictures or look in the other room as he smiled and played on his activity mat filled with hanging toys. Although this still bothers me from time to time, my son and I have our own special bond that others do not have. We cuddle, I feel his face and his chubby cheeks, I touch his body during diaper changes or in the tub, I kiss him on the head or on the cheeks, we hold hands or he will grab my finger and hold on for dear life, and other special moments that are soon to come. I am waiting for that moment, which should happen soon, where the belly giggles erupt and all will be right in the world. It took some time to learn his needs, whether it was that he lost the pacifier or was wet and just wanted a clean diaper. Let me tell you as a parent or a blind parent, you will learn. Be patient, listen to your gut and know that no matter what you are doing, it is your best. Upcoming blogs will include: • Understanding crying • Feeding without sight/making bottles (formula) • Playtime/toys • Sleeping/napping • Tummy time • Keeping sane with a newborn • Bathing/self care • A list of products to purchase or to pass on • Tips and tricks as a non-sighted parent • Looking for daycare/packing a daycare bag Stay tuned for even more!

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