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My Outdoors Boy

Noah is definitely an outdoor boy. He loves just being outside, walking around, picking up sticks, swinging on the bench swing on the deck, or pushing around his bubble lawn mower in the grass. He also loves going to the playground and going on the swing or slide, and taking walks. Geez, I feel like I am writing an online dating profile for my almost 15-month old son.

Noah is learning that if he is outside with me, he needs to hold my hand at all times. I think this is starting to just come natural to him. Before, when he was more unstable with his sneakers on, I would hold both hands and walk behind him. Now, that he is much more stable, we walk side by side and hold hands.

We walk all over the place and he loves walking to the bottom of the driveway when it is garbage day and touching the can while saying “dirty,” over and over. There is a garbage can at one corner and a recycling can at the other. We will go back and forth multiple times, touching the cans and saying “dirty.” I tell him that we do not step into the road and so far he is doing a good job of stopping right before the gutter. He gets so excited when cars go by, people walk/bike by, or neighbors are doing anything loud such as a lawn mower or a chainsaw.

Noah enjoys gently touching the flowers in the mulched areas, and being held while trying to catch the flag as it blows in the wind. We jump on and off the small cement step near our front door, and repeatedly go up and down the 4 or so steps from the grass to the deck in the backyard. We put our red truck in the lawn and push it around, or kick our ball in the grass. We play with chalk on the driveway, and have so much simple fun.

This boy never sits still and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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