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Mother's Day!

I cannot put into words what it is like to be a Mom. The sleepless nights, difficulty understanding what Noah wants, and daily challenges, do not even come close to the joy that my little boy brings me every second of every day.

For my second Mother’s Day, Noah and Daddy gave me a beautiful card, it even had touchy feely parts so that I could enjoy it too. The boys also bought me a gorgeous board, if you will, that has numerous pictures of Noah or pictures of Mommy and Noah. One of my favorites is a then and now of Noah in NY Yankees gear.

I have to say, my favorite gift was the gift that Noah’s daycare made for me. The teachers are always creative and are always thinking outside of the box. Noah gave me a piece of violet construction paper that had a silhouette of Noah’s head and face on black construction paper. This was done using a cricket machine. I was able to feel Noah’s head, the outline of his eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and neck. At the bottom of the paper, written in braille was, Happy Mother’s Day, Love Noah. The contrast of the two colors allowed me to at least see that something was there although I could not make out the outline.

This gift melted my heart. I will always have this picture to feel of Noah when I am feeling sad that I cannot look at his handsome face. It is a little reminder to me that even though I cannot physically feel Noah, I have my own different ways of knowing what he looks like.

Last year, for Christmas, his teachers gave us a clear ornament with a ribbon inside, and a little note inside that basically said that the ribbon is how long Noah is at this very moment, on his first Christmas. This also melted my heart. Anytime I want, I can feel that ribbon and remember how little he was at that time. Others can look at pictures, but this is my little hands on way of seeing him in that specific memory.

To top an already amazing day off, the most thoughtful gift was given to me right before Noah went to bed last night.

As I have discussed in previous posts, before bed, we sit on Noah’s bedroom floor and read books for a few minutes. During this time, last night, out of nowhere, Noah leaned in towards me, puckered his lips, and planted a kiss right on my left cheek. This is the first time that he has ever done this. Daddy saw it and said that it was the cutest thing that he had ever seen. My heart was and is so full. This boy is so incredible and loved.

I am beyond grateful and appreciative of everyone’s thoughts and gifts as they truly do mean the most to me. It really is the small things that mean the most.

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