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Measuring and administering medicine has been quite a tough one for me as a blind Mom. And by “quite a tough one,” I mean, nearly impossible.

Noah is pretty good about taking the syringe himself and putting it in his mouth, but this is of course after pleading and bribing, similar to other kiddos his age I am sure. Just yesterday, I had to sit Winnie the Pooh on my lap to take his medicine, for Noah to even want his own medicine.

My fear is, having to measure medicine if my husband is out of town and no one is available to assist me. Yes, I could use facetime, or another video app, but my fear is giving him too much and having him overdose, or not giving him enough for it to even do the job. Also, making sure the medicine went into his mouth is difficult without sight.

In a previous post, the pediatrician did say that we could pre-fill Tylenol or other medicines in case I needed them, but this is not a long-term fix as the Tylenol or other medicine should not just sit inside a syringe in the cupboard for a long period of time.

After doing some research, I found a couple of items that might assist me if I am in a pinch.

Hyland’s brand, which is an all-natural medicine, sells dissolvable cold tablets for little ones. This is a life saver for me since I do not need to measure anything. Most medicines for toddlers are all natural as they cannot take Dayquil and other medicines that we might take as an adult.

There are different types of the tablets, and certain ones for daytime or night time too.

Noah took a dissolvable medicine in the past and did so well with it. I just ordered some of these and am encouraged to try them when the time comes that Noah has a little cold.

I am not one to push medicine on myself or my son, but knowing that I have a tool in my back pocket, gives me peace of mind.

Now, I wish Tylenol, or other types of medicine had this same method. Tylenol does have suppository form medicine, but that is just no fun for anyone involved.

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