Meal, Sides, and Snack Ideas

Our son has had solids since he was 5 months, starting with purees and slowly introducing other foods along the way. He has always been a good eater and I don’t think we’ve had any issues so far with him not liking anything.

I want to share some of the foods for meals, meal sides, or snacks that we’ve tried. I know that there are many others out there as well.

Make sure to cut the food into smaller pieces and monitor if they are too big or small for your little one. Gagging means that your little one is figuring out swallowing solid foods whereas choking is silent and is a bit scarier and might require you taking action.

Meal Ideas:

· egg and cheese sandwich

· grilled cheese sandwich

· deli meat and cheese

· French toast

· Pancakes

· Waffles

· Chicken nuggets

· Chicken tenders

· Fish sticks

· Quesadillas with meat and cheese or puree beans inside

· Toast with peanut butter

· PBJ or uncrustables

· Pasta

· Garlic bread

· Any kind of meat

· Seafood

· Tofu

· Oatmeal (add cinnamon, peanut butter or puree for flavor)

· Cereal with formula or whole milk (cheerios)

· Mac and cheese

· pizza

Meal Sides:

· Peas

· Broccoli

· Coli flour

· Steamed carrots

· Zucchini

· beans

· Avocado

· Pears

· Peaches

· Bananas

· Watermelon

· Blueberries

· Strawberries

· Blackberries

· Grapes

· Pineapple

· Mashed potatoes

· Sweet potato

· Butternut squash


· Puffers

· Townhouse crackers (with a spread or peanut butter)

· Cheese or cheese stick

· Veggie straws

· Snap pea crisps

· Granola type bars

· Fruit

· Deli meat

· Pouches (yogurt, applesauce or anything)

Anything can be given for a meal or side or a snack. Yesterday, we sent a little bowl of mac and cheese to daycare for Noah’s afternoon snack.


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