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Each time in the past, that I heard someone talk about a child leash, I told myself, “I would never put a leash on my child.”

As Noah has gotten more mobile, I can tell you that I just purchased one from Amazon and I am going to give it a try this weekend.

Noah loves being outside and will whine in front of the door, as he tries to put on his little sneakers or crocs. The second he is outside, he is gone, running towards the road, in the mulch, towards the backyard, or in the garage near the lawn mower or other large dangerous tools.

At first, Noah would hold my hand and not fuss too much about it. In the past few weeks, he wants nothing to do with holding my hand. He wants to explore, run, and be free. I cannot blame him for this but as a blind Mom, this was and is a major safety issue.

Yes, I did purchase the Toddleroo gate, but he quickly gets bored in there as he just wants to run all over the place. He’ll play in there for a little bit but not too long.

I did some research on the different leashes, reviews, prices, and what might work best for us.

I found three types of leashes for sale.

1. Child leash harnesses: These child leashes are worn by your child on their body to maintain your child’s ability to move while preventing the leash from becoming tangled.

2. Child leash backpacks: This type of leash is attached to a child-sized backpack your toddler can wear. The leash is often removable.

3. Wrist link straps: Wrist link straps feature wrist cuffs that wrap around your child’s wrist and your wrist. They are made especially for keeping your child within arm’s reach.

After researching the above categories, and different products that certain people recommended, I decided on a wrist link strap for us to try. I didn’t want to get a harness because they take a little more time to put on and adjust according to his size. Also, I did not want a backpack, because I didn’t want him to feel as if he had weight on his back. Both of those options seemed too cumbersome or might be warm to wear in the Summer weather. Who knows though, I might easily change my mind.

The one that I chose is a wrist link strap, with Velcro to fit snug around our wrists, allowing him six or so feet of freedom to walk or run, but comfort for me in knowing that he cannot run into the road. I am hoping that since we will both have one on our wrists, that it might not be as awkward or maybe he won’t mind wearing it.

I am still unsure of the leash idea, but if it prevents my little guy from getting hurt or lost, then in my mind, it is 100% worth the shot in trying it.

I will keep you posted on our experience.

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