"I Wish You Could See This"

“I wish you could see this”

This statement is probably in the top 5 of my most hated statements. People in my life, innocently, have said “Erin, I wish you could see this right now.” “Yeah, I wish I could too.”

I understand the meaning behind it and I know that they mean no harm when it is said, but I cannot stand this phrase.

My husband used to tell me that he wished I could see the sunset or the person jamming out in the car next to us. Other people have told me that they wish I could see pictures from back in the day, or the look on my son’s face. Yes, I wish more than anything I could see those things too, but I can’t.

My husband knows now, instead of saying that dreaded statement, he instead will explain what he wishes that I could see. He will tell me how the sunset looks and the progression of bright vibrant colors, or he will tell me the silly look on our son’s face. He will describe how the clouds look with the sun shining through, or explain a picture that he is looking at.

People in my life usually have good intentions and would never hurt my feelings on purpose, but the next time you say this statement, maybe think about it differently and think about how to describe what you wished that person could not see, instead of already pointing out the obvious.

This venting session is brought to you by someone at my workplace that was looking through paperwork and said, “Geez this sucks, I wish you could see it.” I’m sure that they meant no harm in this statement but it frustrates me to no end. Trust me, I wish I could pick up a piece of paper and read it as well but the reality of it is, I just cannot do that like you do. Yes, I have technology to assist me and I could ask others to read it, but instead of stating the empty wish, go the extra step and describe what you are looking at.

Everyone has struggles and everyone has different ways of overcoming those struggles. Let’s try to think outside of the box more and put ourselves in others shoes as much as possible. Words and phrases might seem harmless but they can have implications that we are not even aware of.

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