I am so over this virus

Noah has two appointments coming up next week. One is a specialist for a genetic condition that he has and the other is his one-year appointment at the pediatrician’s office.

I called both offices to see if I could accompany my husband and Noah to these appointments. I explained that I was blind and that I have joined them in the past. Both offices stated that due to Covid, they are trying to stay firm with only having one parent attend the office visits and that I could be on speaker phone.

This was literally like a punch to the gut. I even started tearing up on the phone with the pediatrician’s office. I’ve turned into such a mush.

I completely understand 100% the reason for only having one parent accompany Noah to his appointments but this still broke my heart.

In a normal world, my husband and I would both be going to these appointments. After all, our son only turns one once. In a normal world, we could split them up and my husband could take him to one and I could take him to the other if we needed to. In a normal world. I could be there to comfort my baby as he gets yet another round of shots. I could be in the room to hear how much he has grown and ask all of my questions. I should be able to be there to assist my husband as his partner, and help out with a mobile little boy.

Instead, my husband has to bring our son to both appointments, try to pay attention and wrestle a little boy who just wants to be on the move all of the time.

Yes, I could have someone bring me to the appointments, I could take Noah in and do the appointment myself. As a blind Mom, this is definitely a possibility, but at the end of the day, this involves getting rides and becomes more of a headache as a whole.

I need to be strong for my family. I need to remember that, this too will be a memory someday. I need to let it go and rely on my husband to be the amazing husband and father that he is. He’s got this and everything will go just fine.

I am grateful that I will be able to ask my questions on speaker phone and discuss anything with the doctor’s as if I was there in person. I am thankful that after the appointment, I can comfort my little buddy bear and kiss his boo boo’s. I am happy that doctor’s offices and other businesses are taking such a firm stance on visitors to combat this virus, but it still just plain sucks.

…I just wish things could go back to “normal.”

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