Heart of Gold

When I was pregnant with Noah, I kept hoping that he would be a noisy baby so that I would know where he was at all times. Thankfully, he is quite noisy and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

From a very young age, it seemed that Noah had realized that Mommy was a little different than the others that he was surrounded by.

When Noah was first learning to walk, he constatnly would hold my hands and bring me over to things so that he could show me what he was doing.

He grabs my hand, walks over to the wall, puts my hand into a fist, and says “knock,” while helping me knock on the wall. He is notorious for doing this when people are using the bathroom.

Noah has always grabbed my hand when reading before bed, to feel different parts of a touchy feely book, or to point out what he is looking at.

Noah takes my hand and will put it on his different body parts and we name them together.

Noah is very inclusive and includes everyone around him. If Grandma and Grandpa are over at the house, Noah makes sure to drag each and every one of us to the lawn so that we can dance. (our poor neighbors probably think we are nuts).

Noah gives everyone a chance to play with his toy lawn mowers, or use his bubble leaf blower. He makes sure that everyone has a turn getting squirted with his spray bottle filled with water.

He shares his food and even gave me his last teddy graham last night when we had a little snack after school.

Sometimes, Daddy will buy a couple muffins at the store and Noah likes to pick one out of the box in the morning to share with Mommy. Noah will take my hand, and put it on the muffin that he wants me to take out of the box.

Noah’s grandma, my mom, has medical challenges and Noah will walk to her side of the car when they pull into the driveway to hold her hand and help her so that she does not fall. Noah will also say “Grandma, boo boo, watch,” when he wants to watch Grandma put her medicine cream onher legs.

This morning, Noah had a yogurt pouch before we got dressed for the day. When he was finished with the pouch, he pretended to put cream on my knees, he grabbed my hand and said “rub it.” This went on for at least ten minutes.

I am so proud of my little man and can already tell that he has a heart of gold. At such a young age of 20 months, he is an incredible helper, very thoughtful, and includes everyone around him.

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