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First "Real" Sickness

Noah has had what seems to be a never ending cold of some sort. This is his first "real" illness. It all started last Friday night with lots of coughing and fussing overnight. It was almost as if he was a newborn again.

The next day, Saturday, his temperature was about 102 degrees and he was just out of it. Ever since, his temperature has been elevated but lower, but he is still “off.” His appetite is not really existent, which is strange for this boy as he is a human vacuum.

We think he is also getting his molars in which does not help the situation. Both of his hands are in his mouth at all times.

We decided to take him to the doctor this past Tuesday and it is a viral infection that needs to just run its course. Don’t you hate leaving the doctor with no additional information or action plan of treatment?

Some things that we think have helped are as follows.

· Cool mist humidifier, near the crib.

· Vick’s waterless plug in with menthol pad (on the low setting, depending on the room size).

· A tablespoon of honey before bed (this coats the throat and helps with itchy or scratchy throat, as long as your baby is over one years of age).

· Sitting in the bathroom with the shower on hot, breathing in the steam.

· Cut up a popsicle and let your little one feed themselves (this must feel good on the throat).

· Lots of water or liquids if they do not drink water.

· Tylenol if needed.

Others swear by putting Vick’s baby rub, or Zarbee’s baby rub on their feet, under socks or a sleeper, or on their chest, or on their throat. We have not done this yet but might try one of those methods tonight.

Noah cannot have Motrin due to his genetic kidney mutation, but we do offer Tylenol to try and take some of his pain away or lower his fever.

As a mother, or parent, it literally kills you when your child is sick. I feel so helpless and wish I could make him feel better. All I can do is offer snuggles, rub his back in the middle of the night during his coughing spells, and be sure to offer lots of liquids.

This too shall pass right? Until the next challenge.

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