First Fever-Yikes!

First Fever

As a first time Mom, there is an abundance of challenges and scary times. One that I have been dreading since our son was born was his first fever. It took a little over ten months for that to happen, but yesterday was the day of the first fever.

Daycare called to tell me that Noah had a fever of 100.1 and asked my permission to give him Tylenol to see if it would bring the fever down. Of course I agreed right away. Thankfully, Noah was acting normally and the fever did come down by the time we checked it at home a couple hours later. His cheeks were very rosy and he was pulling on his ear a little bit but otherwise, there was no difference in his behavior.

I worried all evening about the little guy in hopes that he was feeling well. He woke a number of times throughout the night fussing a little bit but nothing much. It was as if he was trying to get comfortable or was slightly bothered by something. By the time my husband or I would even get out of bed to go check on him, he had soothed himself. I feel like the fever scare was worse on me, I even slept with his favorite koala blanket last night. Crazy mom right. Let me say when you become a parent, nothing is off limits anymore.

I was praying and hoping that he woke up feeling all right. If his temperature remained elevated and was over 100.4, we would have to keep him home. Luckily his temperature was normal and he was acting as his normal goofy self.

I fed him his morning bottle and after his grown man burp, I washed my hands and felt in his mouth. He currently has one giant tooth, lower right center if you are looking at him. Next to that has been a bump on the gums for a few weeks but no tooth yet. I felt on the top and felt a tooth that had pushed through the gums. This one was top left center if looking at him. I am hoping that the erupting of a new tooth was what bothered our little jack-o-lantern.

The moral of the first fever

· Stay calm

· Treat with Tylenol as needed

· Do not overdress your baby

· Give he or she a luke warm bath

· Offer lots of water to keep hydrated

· Offer extra love and snuggles

· Do not google or go to WebMD

· Call the doctor if you are not sure of what to do

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