Emergency Medical & Contact Information

I read a great article that mentioned to tape an emergency sheet to your child’s car seat.

This should be a piece of paper, folded in half. On the outside, write “emergency medical & contact information.” The reason it is folded in half is so that nobody can see your personal information if they look inside your car window.

On the inside, write important information about you, your child and any other person who frequently rides in the car, such as your spouse or significant other.

· Date of birth

· Blood type

· Medication(s)

· Medical history

· Phone numbers

· Primary care office/doctor name

· Emergency contact information

Also, be sure to have the information updated on your phone in case the first responders look there too. They can access your medical ID from the home screen in an emergency. I can only speak to iPhone’s, but to check this information, go to settings, scroll down to health, and update your “medical ID.”

Make sure your information is correct and up to date. Also make sure your emergency contacts are listed with the correct phone numbers. You can also double check this by going to settings, and then emergency SOS.

To check and see what someone else would see in case of an emergency. Hit the lock button on your phone. Tap it again to show the screen. On the bottom left, tap emergency. In that same spot is now a button that says “medical ID.” Tap this and you can view the information about you.

Some might think that this is overkill, but we never know what will happen and if something ever does, I want to be as prepared as I can be and provide as much information to the first responders as I can.

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