Easter Egg Hunt

A few weeks ago, on Easter morning, I thought it would be fun to hide some plastic Easter eggs. Noah is way too young to do an Easter egg hunt or eat candy inside of the eggs, but I still wanted to make it fun for him.

I put yogurt melts (dried fruit crunchy snacks) in some of the eggs, and a couple of puffer crackers in others. I hid them different places throughout the main floor of our house. One was inside of his Fisher Price toy chair under the lid of the seat. Another was on his mini couch, hiding behind his Elmo stuffed animal. Another was hiding inside of his play school bus, and a couple others were scattered around.

Noah found almost all of them immediately and was so excited for his little treats.

This past weekend, I thought it would be fun to do again. I filled some of the eggs with the puff crackers and hid them in different spots. Noah loved finding them, shaking them and popping them open to eat. He’d sit on the floor and grab at all of the ones that fell out of the egg. Then, he’d walk around the house with one of the egg shells covering his nose and holding it there with his mouth. He is a strange bird.

We even took a walk during one of his snack times this past Saturday, so I pulled out an egg with treats in it for his stroller ride. Noah was beyond excited to snack as we walked around the neighborhood.

We went over to my sisters this past week a few times and Noah found various eggs from Easter from his older cousins. All of these eggs were empty. He was probably so confused why all of the eggs did not have treats in them for him.

Although he might not be old enough to do some of the “big kid” activities, we still try to make it fun and mix things up a little bit.

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