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Diapers, my favorite!

Changing diapers, one of my favorite things…not! (sorry for the typos, I am typing super quick while my son is napping. My husband will fix these soon) In no particular order, I will discuss some of the tecniques that I use to diaper change. These techniques can be used with or without sight. • Use a wash cloth to cover his weaner. My brother tought me this trick when I was chatting with him about my frustrations with making sure my son doesn’t pea all over the place or on himself. The wash cloth might get wet but at least the pea is contained. • If you need to change your child right after he eats, instead of lifting their bottom up and putting pressure on their belly, gently roll him to one side, remove the diaper and do the same on the other side. To put the new diaper on, do this same trick. This prevents or hopefully eliminates spit up. • When changing a diaper, I always place the new diaper under the old one before I even undo the tabs to remove the dirty one. This way, there is a diaper already in place. • We always apply aquaphore to his diaper area and butt. Basically, we put it anywhere that a diaper rash could form. This is to try and eliminate or prevent diaper rashes. • We have two different changing areas in our house. One on the main floor and one in our sons room. These changing pads are long, cushioned and have a bumper type side on his left and his right. We have a pacifier clipped to one of the pacifier leashes and it is hooked to one of the seatbelt type clips that you can use when your child is older. This ensures that there is always a pacifier handy and you know where it is at all times. The changing areas are located on the floor. Next to each changing pad is a diaper caddy. In this caddy are diapers, aquaphore, wash cloths, hand sanitizer, and a wipe warmer with wipes inside. Next to this is a garbage can. Everything is in its spot and organized. This is helpful for the times when you are frantic and trying to do a rush diaper change. • We hung a small mirror on the side of a portable dresser thing so that he can look at himself when being changed as a small distraction. • When I change a poopy diaper, or when I am certain there is poop in there, I remove his socks if he is wearing any. This prevents the spread of poop in places that I am unaware of. Also, for every diaper change, pull the back of the onesie or sleeper up their back so it is not in the way of putting on the new diaper. • Use wipes to clean their hands and under the neck. My husband and I call this “cleaning the neck meat.” Our son is the king of spit up and gets the cheesy caked on junk under his chin and in his neck. He doesn’t always love this part but the end result is a nice clean neck meat zone. • Make sure the tabs on the right and the left are not poking into their skin. Sometimes, without knowing it, the tab can slide or poke up on their belly. Just feel around the entire diaper before putting their onesie or pants back on to make sure you did a good job. • Keep a burp cloth under their head when changing them. This is just a trick we use because instead of getting the changing pad messy each time, the spit up or drool lands on the burp cloth. PS: cloth diapers make amazing burp cloths. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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