Everyone loves dessert, or maybe a small treat after dinner. As adults, we might pace ourselves and save room for a sweet treat after our dinner. Babies do not know how to do this and therefore might already be full when you bring out a treat after they have finished their meal. We all know the feeling that we have eaten way too much. It makes us uncomfortable and full to the point of feeling it in our throat.

Sometimes, Noah will finish most of his meal and we give him a couple puffer crackers or yogurt melts as dessert. He might have not finished his meal because he was full and here we are giving him more food. He ate it because he loves sweets, but it might have put him over the edge.

Instead of offering the dessert or treat after a meal, give it to your baby or toddler with their meal. This way, they can eat as much as they want.

Last night, Noah had dinner, and a few yogurt melts right there on his tray alongside his chicken, peas, fruit, and pieces of taco. Surprisingly, he did not eat all of the yogurt melts first and ate a pretty good variety of his meal. I felt better knowing that he was already offered a small treat and if he didn’t finish his tray, that meant that he was full.

Don’t get me wrong, we do not offer sweets that much but sometimes it is a nice ending to a long day, and Mommy and Daddy enjoy sneaking one here and there too.

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