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Crib to Toddler Bed

I apologize, it has been quite some time since I have sent out a blind Mommy blog.

Summer and the beginning of Fall have been so busy with visiting family, swimming, apple picking, and basically living outdoors as much as we possibly can.

My husband, Noah, and I went to visit Noah’s other grandparents over the Labor Day holiday weekend. This is always so much fun. The three of us share a bedroom, Noah on his own travel blowup bed, with sides.

When we arrived home, on Monday, that night for bedtime began a fierce case of separation anxiety. This consisted and still consists of multiple visits to Noah’s room in the night to tuck him in and reassure him.

Noah still sleeps in his crib and selfishly, we wanted to take the front railing off and turn it into a toddler bed, so that when we need to comfort him and tuck him in for the fiftieth time each night, it is much easier. Removing the front rail allows him to get in and out of his bed by himself. It is only about 18 inches off the ground. He loves the freedom and independence.

The first two nights, Noah did great, and woke only twice asking for “Mommy,” during the night. Last night on the other hand, was a bit different.

I was in bed and heard a big thud. I sat up for a second trying to figure out what had happened but heard no extra noise. I went into his bedroom and he was happy as could be laying on his tummy on the floor. Awhile later, he fell off the bed again and did get a little upset or frightened.

My husband and I took turns comforting Noah and making sure that he was OK. Let’s just say, it was a pretty sleepless night.

After obsessing over this whole issue, yes, we could put the front railing back on but selfishly, I really do not want to do that.

We bought Noah a twin mattress and are going to put it on the floor, to see how he does. This is only 8 inches thick, so falling off will be no big deal.

Also, this allows room for us to lay together in the middle of the night if Noah needs some extra snuggles.

I always thought that I was a pretty good problem solver and thought outside the box to resolve an issue, but this stage puts problem solving to an entirely different level.

I remember that this is only a stage, he is not doing it deliberately, and to stay as calm as patient as possible, but wow I cannot wait for one night of uninterrupted sleep!

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