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Covid-19 Vaccine-Dose #2

I received my second dose of the Moderna Vaccine yesterday, February 9, 2021, which happened to be my birthday. The process was almost identical to the first dose appointment and went very smoothly.

I went with my Dad again, and similar to the last time, we stood in line, stopped at a few different tables to prove that we were who we said we were and provided our documents. We both were given the vaccine by the same person, who happened to be a licensed MD Psychiatrist. My Dad joked that he was going to tell everyone that he saw a psychiatrist today. What was neat was, the gentleman who did our vaccines was an older gentleman, maybe older 70’s or 80’s and was part of a medical reserves group. He told us that the group is called upon in emergency situations, such as administering vaccines to large amounts of people.

After the vaccine, we were asked to sit in the chairs for 15 minutes, as they did last time. My Dad and I were playing on our phones, chatting and he was describing different things going on around us. When our 15 minutes was up, we left and off to work I went.

Fairly quickly after, within a couple of hours, my arm started to feel sore, again, similar to the last shot. Other than that, I had no symptoms or issues until later on that evening.

As my husband was taking a bath with our one-year-old son, playing with boats and listening/singing to Michael Buble Christmas music, yes, you read that correctly. Nobody ever said we were “normal,” I started to feel kind of yucky. I was overly tired and felt more run down that usual.

Around 8:00 last night, I started feeling chills and sweating shortly after. My head was pounding and annoying. My husband, who had his second dose later that same day, said that it hurt behind his eyes and eyebrows. We both felt like garbage and also slept terrible.

At some point, I got up in the middle of the night, popped some Tylenol and tried to fall back to sleep. I must have crashed somewhat but woke when our son started making random noises in his sleep around 4:15AM. Luckily, I think my chills and sweats were done with but my head was still killing me.

My husband still had his chills and sweats early this morning. We operated as normal, me getting our son around 6:10 and my husband getting breakfast ready for all of us. Despite being exhausted and feeling junky, we still were able to function.

I ended up going to work and hopefully make it through this day. As of now, 24 hours’ post shot, I can say that I am just tired with a 5% headache, probably due to being exhausted.

Last night, I kept telling myself that, even though this sucks, it must be way better than having Covid-19 and I am so happy that I was able to get this vaccine to protect myself and hopefully others.

Please please get yours if you are eligible and offered. Covid is a very scary thing and we all need to do our part to protect everyone.

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