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Covid-19 Vaccine-dose #1

I received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine on Tuesday, 1/12/2021 at my local health department vaccine site. I work directly with youth at a residential facility and therefore was part of the 1B vaccination group rolled out by my state.

For me, the process was very simple and straight forward. The health department sent out an email ahead of time asking me to print and complete a consent form as well as a state registration form. I had to provide proof of completing this online form.

When at the vaccine site, I provided both documents as well as my ID and work ID.

When sitting in the chair with the nurse, they make sure that you are feeling healthy today and ask which arm you’d prefer the shot in. As a blind Mom, this was not an easy question.

I read braille with my left hand but I eat with my right. I hold my son mostly with my left arm, but use my cane with my right. Whichever arm I chose was going to be a crap shoot. I went with my right. Maybe I’ll switch it up for the second dose shot.

The shot was barely noticeable and felt similar to a flu shot or any other shot that we’ve had over the years. The person administering the shot then hands you a card with your second dose date and asks you to sit aside for fifteen minutes. This was an area nearby with chairs spaced out. They monitor if anyone has a reaction to the shot. After the fifteen minutes, you are free to continue with your day and leave.

That day and night, I had no issues or soreness. The next day, my arm felt as if I was punched. It didn’t necessarily hurt but it was annoying. This went on for maybe 2 days and slowly returned back to normal.

I have read and heard that the second dose has different or worse side effects. I was told to take Ibuprofen or Tylenol before getting the second dose, to take the edge off.

At this point, the fear of getting the second shot is scarier than the actual reality of it. Not everyone experiences side effects.

It was kind of neat, I went with my Dad, who is a volunteer at a local hospital and therefore, was eligible as well. My husband went for his vaccine later that day to the same site since he was also eligible. The good of it is that the three of us were able to get our shots. The bad, if we have any side effects, hopefully we can deal with them and take care of our son.

Lucky for me, the second dose is scheduled on my birthday. I will report on the second dose, a few days after I get it so that I can let you know how I reacted.

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