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Constipation/Butt Rash

Constipation and/or Butt Rash

Our son has had pretty good luck up until a couple weeks ago in terms of constipation or butt rash. A couple of weeks ago, daycare told us that there was some blood on the wipe after he pooped. They mentioned that it was bright red, which is good because if it was dark in color, that would mean that he was bleeding internally. We chalked it up to the fact that he was pooping quite a bit during the day and it was irritated.

It seemed to clear up but then last week, the same issue happened but worse. We decided to take him to the doctor to be seen to rule out infection etc. The doctor noticed a fissure which was located at 6:00 on his butt, right in the hole (gross but no other way to explain it). Fissures are usually found at 12:00 or 6:00 if you use the butt hole as a clock. A fissure is basically a cut that gets irritated.

To help with the fissure, which takes a while to heal, the doctor recommended putting vasoline or aquaphor on his butt hole and a tiny bit inside. She then recommended using butt paste, we use Boudreaux, and layering that over the top but spreading it to his cheek area to assist with healing the irritated areas. We like the Boudreaux because it has worked wonders. Make sure to purchase the kind with the most zinc oxide which I believe is the box that says overnight relief. Also, as a side note, we apply Aquaphor to his crotch creases and butt usually each time we change him, especially before naps or bedtime because it acts as a barrier for rashes. If your little one has a wet diaper for a while, such as a nap or all night, putting a layer to limit rashes is huge since they are sitting in their wet diaper for a long period of time. Another tip while we are on the topic, at night, size up in overnight diapers. Noah wears size 3 diapers regularly but at night he wears a size 4 overnight diaper. Be sure to pull the front up a little to cover the belly button as it will prevent pea from leaking if they sleep on their tummy. Be sure to point the Johnson downwards too, towards their feet, if it is a boy because that way pee will not shoot up towards their belly. (wow, I am really in the tip giving mood today).

Now onto the constipation part. Naturally, when babies start solids, their poop is different. Noah did not have many issues early on but now since he eats literally everything under the sun, he started having some issues. No joke, the other night he was eating steak and mashed potatoes, he is a beast. Their poop feels, smells and comes out differently too.

When he is constipated, his belly is very tough and hard, and he screams and cries while pooping and it is terrible to witness or hear. To assist with this, my husband and I offer water very frequently throughout the day, which thankfully he loves. Our son will cruise in his sit to stand walker, steering with one hand and drinking his straw cup with the other. Hoping he drops that habit before he starts driving a real car.

We also will dilute the water with prune juice which he also loves. You can also use pear, white grape juice, or apple juice. We dilute the juice so he is not getting a huge sugar blast but you can use straight juice as well. We also plan on giving him prune puree twice or so a week to help with the constipation. Here’s to hoping that works!

In terms of food to avoid, try to stay away from bananas, white bread, applesauce, steamed carrots, steamed apples, cheese, potatoes, and sometimes yogurt as well as any other binding foods that seem to bother your little one.

As a note, fruits that start with the letter “P” are usually good for constipation. Prunes, pears, and peaches. Also, beans, green peas, apricot, oatmeal, broccoli, and sweet potatoes do the trick.

It is inevitable that your little one will go through these issues, and probably more than once, but having the tools or a few tips and tricks should help you get through it smoothly, like your goal for their poop.

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