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Not knowing what color onesie or pants and socks I put on my son is no big deal because if he is comfortable, that is all that matters to me. Sometimes we walk into daycare and I tell his teachers, “Mommy dressed Noah today” and they just laugh.

Some clothing brands run small such as Carters and I found that Gerber runs a bit bigger.

My son has a long torso, therefore, buying clothing is quite difficult at times.

When purchasing footie sleeper pajamas, we love the Carters loose fitting footie pajamas or the child of mine brand footie pajamas. Noah is a chunky monkey and did not really fit in the snug fit footie pajamas which seem to be everywhere. I understand they are flame resistant, but when they are so tight or stiff that he cannot bend his arm, they are not going to make it in our house. Also, whoever invented snap pajamas should be slapped with a soft pillow. They are so irritating to me especially if there needs to be a middle of the night poopy diaper change. Stick with zip up sleepers 100%.

Noah lives in long or short sleeve onesies, comfy pants, and footie pajamas. When he is a bit older, maybe we will put him in some nicer clothing but for now when he is sitting to play or holding our hands to walk around, I want him to be comfortable and cozy.

In terms of zip up sweatshirts or normal sweatshirts, I found that buying a size up is helpful because Noah always has a onesie on under his sweatshirt therefore making the sweatshirt a bit tighter on him.

If pants are too big, roll the bottoms or roll the waste a little bit to make them work.

Sleep sacks are still our friend. For naps and bedtime, Noah wears his sleep sack to bed. This prevents him 99% of the time from shoving his leg through the crib and getting it stuck. I have also heard from other parents that the sleep sack prevents them from climbing out of the crib when they are a little bit older. Bottom line, it is a nice little blanket that keeps him warm but is not a risk to wear or have in the crib.

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