Burping Everyone has their own way of burping or which ever way is most effective for their child. Here is what my husband and I do in terms of burping during feedings. At first, we would burp about every ounce, when our son was eating 4 oz at a time. As stated in a previous post, I would just guess, not being able to see how much he had really drank. Now, we burp him about halfway through a bottle and at the end. He usually has a few each time if we are lucky. We put the pacifier in his mouth and raise him to our shoulder. We then cup our hand, so it is not completely flat on his back, and burp him. Don’t feel like you are burping him too hard, be firm. Also, you can use the cup method with your hand and start at his lower back burping and work your way up towards his head. This way, any gas bubbles are being pushed upwards and eventually out his mouth in the form of a nice belch. We keep our son upright for about 15-20 minutes after each feeding because he is very spitty. This allows the formula to somewhat settle in his belly. That being said, if he has pooped during the feeding and is beginning to fuss, we definitely will lay him on his back to change his diaper. Other people burp with their child sitting on their lap, slightly tilted forward, with a burp cloth in their hand under their chin and tapping their back. For example, my son would be sitting on one of my legs, facing to the right. My left hand would tap his back while my right hand would support him under the chin, with the burp cloth in hand. This method was never effective for our son but is an option for sure. There are other methods, but the first method has worked for us, so we stuck with it.

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