Boys I can only speak from experience because I have one child and he is a boy, but he is disgusting, in a little boy, cute kind of way. I feel like every opportunity that my son is naked, he says to himself, “awesome, naked, let’s pee.” And when I say pee, I mean full force, straight up, water fountain, soaking everything and everyone in sight. Even in the tub, he must love being naked because he shoots the stream all over the place, into the tub and where ever else it lands. Let’s hope his aim is a bit better when we get to the training stage of our lives. This being said, when diapering a boy, tuck the weanrer, we like to call it. Instead of it pointing upwards towards their face, tuck it towards their toes. This way, if and when he pees in the diaper, it is not shooting up the front and soaking him, it is shooting into the bulk of the diaper. His gas. Let me tell you, this kid, or should I say adult, has some serious gas. It usually occurs when feeding him where he will take a break from drinking his bottle, as if to prepare himself for the big summer blow out that is about to erupt down below. If I could see him, he probably has this look in his eye that says “it’s go time.” He then proceeds to blast in his pants, as if he were a grown adult, and start eating again as if a grand finale didn’t just occur in his under carriage. The nerve of this little guy. This will happen a few times during one feeding, usually once a day. I garuntee he is proud of himself and finishes his bottle with pride. Only once has he blasted so hard and ferociously that it leaked out onto my pants and shirt. That my friends was skill. I garuntee I will have more stories of the life of a baby boy. Please stay tuned.

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