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Bottle Weaning (FINISHED)

We did it! It is all done. We no longer use bottles or formula and are strictly using straw cups (Camelbak Eddy), which are our favorites.

Last night, we stuck to the night time routine but the only change was taking the bottle away and offering whole milk in the straw cup. Noah wanted no part of the milk and drank some water. He fussed for maybe 20 seconds because he is used to having his bottle, first thing after coming downstairs after his bath, but seemed to have forgotten it quite quickly.

As a Mom, I worried my brains out, thinking he’d wake in the middle of the night hungry. He has not eaten in the middle of the night since he was like 3 months old.

Thankfully, my husband had to wake Noah up this morning for breakfast, as we had to get ready for daycare and work. He didn’t seem any hungrier than usual.

You can offer a snack before bed if you are worried your little one will wake. After speaking to others and doing some research, some good snack ideas to offer before bed are:

· Bananas

· Yogurt (try to find a lower sugar option)

· Unsweetened applesauce

· Crackers (townhouse, ritz, saltines, any kind)

· Peanut butter on crackers

· Peanut butter on toast

· String cheese/cheese cubes

· Whole milk

For this night time snack, you want it something that is packed with protein and is filling to hold your little one through until breakfast in the morning.

We plan on brushing Noah’s teeth before and adding that into our routine after he has a snack or milk, before bedtime. I’ll keep you updated on what our method is and what toothbrush is our favorite.

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