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Bottle Weaning (continued)

Since the last post regarding bottle weaning, we have made quite the progress. Each weekend we’ve eliminated one bottle.

The two that we eliminated first were bottles that our son really did not drink too much of and were fairly easy to get rid of. One was around 9:30 is after a nap and the other around 3:30 ish after the second nap.

Yesterday, we took away the one before his afternoon nap. I was terrified that he would wake up starving but he took his hour and fifteen-minute nap as usual and had a snack when he woke up.

Now, we are down to a morning bottle and his bottle before bed. We have slowly been introducing whole milk into these bottles with the already made formula. We currently mix 3 ounces of whole milk with the already made formula of 4 ounces. Our son has no idea. He has even had straight warmed whole milk in a bottle and likes it.

The issue is getting rid of the bottle itself and the night bottle will probably be the worst one. Our son hates drinking milk out of anything other than his bottle. He spits it out or just refuses it. He drinks water out of a zillion kinds of straw cups though. I’m not even kidding, we have probably bought over ten different kinds of cups and straw cups.

We continue to offer lots of water and provide cheese, yogurt and other dairy foods so that the little guy gets his dairy fill until he drinks a bit more milk. He eats so much more now and we thought he pigged out before. No joke, the other night he ate two whole slices of pizza, vegs, water and parts of a meatball. He is going to eat us out of house and home.

Here is his current schedule to give you a glimpse

6:00 ish, wake and out of crib for the day.

6:15 ish, 7-ounce bottle (3-ounce whole milk, 4-ounce formula).

7:30 ish, breakfast.

8:45-9:00, down for nap #1.

9:30-9:45, wake from nap #1.

11:00, lunch.

2:30-2:45 ish, up from nap #2.

2:45, snack.

4:30, dinner.

5:30-5:45 ish, bath.

6:00 ish, 7-ounce bottle (3-ounce whole milk, 4-ounce formula).

6:30 ish, night time routine (song, lotion, dressed in jammies).

6:45, asleep for the night.

To be continued as we get rid of the other two, the hardest ones. Dropping the morning one will be interesting, but instead of taking him downstairs and giving him his bottle, we will bring him to the table and feed him breakfast. The breakfast time above will probably be morphed into another snack but who really knows.

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