Blind Mom, Sighted Boy, and the Outdoors

When I became a Mom, people always told me that it was going to fly by, and they are absolutely correct. My little boy, who used to lay on his playmat and kick his toys, or drink his bottles, is growing up so fast and walking/running now.

I took Noah outside this past weekend while my husband was doing a few things inside the house. We grabbed our bucket of chalk and drew pictures on the driveway. Of course, chalk went into his mouth almost immediately, so I had to be sure that I was feeling his arms at all times to see if they’d go upwards towards his mouth. The chalk that we bought is nontoxic, but still, I’d rather him not shove a stick of chalk in there.

Also, he just wants to walk now, no matter what. He walked all around the driveway and yard in his socks while holding the pieces of chalk. I had to keep my hands on him at all times to make sure he didn’t face plant on the pavement and to make sure he did not go anywhere unsafe.

All he wanted to do was run into the road and threw mini fits when I wouldn’t let him go near the road. This posed a major problem for me, who loves being outside and playing. How was I going to contain him but also not be a helicopter Mom and hover over him or touch am constantly?

I have not 100% figured out the solution yet but we purchased something that I hope will assist. We bought two of these from Target, Toddleroo by North States Superyard Ultimate 8 Panel Baby Play Yard, in hopes that we can connect them and make a giant play area in the yard or on the driveway for Noah. The play area for one unit is about 35 feet total, so almost 6 feet octagonal of play area. We were hoping that doubling that would allow for much more play room and we’d be able to go in there with him and throw balls around, play with chalk, run through a sprinkler, and much more other fun outdoor activities.

My husband mentioned getting one of those leashes or leash backpacks but I still feel like that is similar to me holding on to him and I want him to explore but to explore safely. Maybe someday if we are in public and I need to keep track of him at all times, but until then, we will skip the leash. Also, bending down that far, to keep my hands on him is not ideal for my back.

I will keep you posted on how this works, the ease of putting it up and storing it, and if it solves my issue of keeping my little walking boy contained.

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