Bathtime Toys!

Bath books are Noah’s new favorite find. They are usually only a couple of pages of plastic covered books that can go in the tub. Some have noisy components when you shake or rattle them.

Noah absolutely loves his bath books and will sit there forever and pretend like he is reading them. He is even vocal about it, using fluctuation in his voice as if he were really reading the books out loud.

We also have a small basketball hoop that suctions to the side of the tub. It came with three little basketballs (the size of a golf ball or so).

Noah loves tossing the balls into the net, and other bath toys as well. Sometimes he gets frustrated when items do not fit such as his plastic pasta strainer that is entirely too big to fit through the hole.

Noah loves cause and effect and tossing the balls or toys in and seeing them pop out of the bottom of the net.

In the tub we also play with an old prescription bottle that is partially filled with water. Noah will shake it around and, of course, toss it into the basketball hoop.

He loves his measuring cups, rubber spoon and ladle, as well as his beach ball and wisk.

We have found that most of his favorite toys are not actually “toys.”

It really is the simplest things that are most interesting and entertaining to our little ones.

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