Bath Time!

Bathing Bathing without sight was terrifying at first because I wanted to make sure that my sons head was above water but be able to effectively wash him at the same time. Before bathing, I lay out a spare changing pad and a towel on top of that. I have a spare towel next to this area for when we are all done. We use a baby bath tub with the sling attachment. This sling basically clips on both ends of the bath tub and is a hammock that your child lays in/on. This is because he is unable to sit up yet. I use my left hand and keep it below my sons neck, resting on his upper chest and make sure that the water does not reach his chin. I use my right hand to apply the body wash in all of his nooks and crannies. My son absolutely loves baths which makes my job much much easier. I use the wash cloth on his privates but just use my hand with soap on the rest of his body. This is a fun time to explore his tummy and his arms and feel his chunky legs and toes. After the bath, I gently grab my son, making sure I have a good grip on him because he is slippery. I place him on the portable changing pad with the towel on it that I set aside ahead of time. I wipe him off as best as I can and then wrap him up like a canoli, using the spare towel. We then transport to our changing area where we apply baby lotion to his body and get him nice and diapered and dressed. We usually do bath time before bed time, before his last feeding. This gets our son nice and relaxed and warm. It will be fun when our son can sit upp in the tub and play with toys someday.

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