Baby Noises

Baby Noises I’m not sure if this is all babies or just my son but at times, and I mean most of the time, he sounds like a mix between a pig, a gremlin and a dinosaur. The noises that come out of such a little guy are both entertaining and frightening. Being blind, it has taken me about two months to both realize that these sounds are normal and that there are various reasons why he makes these sounds. Sometimes the sounds are due to the startle reflex that infants have until about 4-6 months. It’s odd, I will be holding my son and all of a sudden he spreads his arms like he is superman, he scrunches his legs upwards towards his belly, and he makes a sigh of relief. This is just him sleeping. At night, I still wake my husband up to ask him if our son is awake because again, some of these noises are just insane. I have gotten better at knowing that he is just a noisy baby and if he really needed us, he would cry for our attention. Just today, when playing with him on the activity mat, he started to make high pitch noises and sort of what sounded like a small giggle. It has taken some time for me to learn that his high pitch noises mean that he is happy where as the lower pitch noises or grunts means that he is starting to get fussy. I remember before having our son, people would tell me that I would know his cries and be able to understand what they mean. I thought these people were nuts but I am beginning to understand what his cries mean in terms of tired, diaper change, hungry, wanting to be put down to play and other reasons. Being in tune to the sounds your baby makes will help you learn what they mean even though they are not specific words, he definitely is expressing his needs or wants.

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