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A Sneaky Little Guy

My husband and I still alternate taking a bath with Noah each night as it is easier, a great end to the day, and so much fun! We listen to all sorts of music and play with a variety of toys, balls, and mostly kitchen utensils such as measuring cups, a strainer, a wisk, and spoons. We also make funny faces in the mirror that is next to the tub and make up silly games.

Last week, my husband had to work late. Noah and I went upstairs like we usually do for bath time. I shut the gate at the top of the stairs, and Noah ran right into his room where all of his books are. Normally, when my husband and I are both home, one starts the tub while the other gets Noah undressed. Tonight, I started the tub, which is a huge sunk in tub located in between our bedroom and Noah’s (jack and jill bathroom I think it is called).

I wasn’t thinking that the tub was so loud and that Noah had free reign of the entire upstairs. It is baby proof, but with the sound of the water running, I had no idea where Noah was. I left the bathroom towards his room and called out to him. I didn’t hear anything. I then walked into the hallway, leaving his room, and on the way to our bedroom. He was in front of me running away and entered my room. I held back a little because I did not want to run him over.

At this time, he had run into the bathroom again from my bedroom. I stood there and laughed to myself. I had to turn the water off to find the sneaky little guy. He was in his room now, near his closet, kind of hiding behind his rocking chair. I think this was a game to him, ha-ha.

I got him undressed and into the bathtub we went.

Last night, my husband had to work late again. I learned my lesson from the last time I bathed him alone. I shut his door from the hallway to his bedroom. I also shut the door from the bathroom to my bedroom. This contained him in his room and the bathroom only. Although it was still difficult to hear, it was much easier to locate Mr. sneaky pants.

Parenting, whether sighted or not is a constant learning process and it does not help anything to get upset. I have just learned to go with the flow, laugh at silly situations, and make modifications for next time.

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