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A Smart & Cute Boy

Noah is a pinch over 14 months now and walks like a pro. For a few months prior, he’d hold my fingers with his hands over his head, to walk with assistance. Now that he does not need assistance anymore, I have been curious why he will randomly still grab onto my hands to walk with him.

I thought the back breaking, leaning over to hold his hands as he walked or ran throughout the house days were over. Instead, I have come to the conclusion that Noah does this on purpose.

I think that since I cannot see what he is pointing to, or that he cannot quite tell me what his needs are, he grabs my hands so that he can “show” me what he wants or needs.

He will do this when he is hungry and will take my hands and bring me into the kitchen and touch the highchair with both of our hands.

Or, he will walk over to his car track thing that he stands at and pushes cars down. We keep the cars in a Ziploc bag and he will put my hand on it to have me open it. He gets overly excited to reach into the bag and pick out his favorite Corvette car, Grandpa would be so proud.

Other times, he will grab my hands and lead me to the top of the stairs, going into the basement because he wants to go and play, or to the back sliding door because he wants to go outside.

For everyone else, he might walk over to these areas independently and whoever is watching will pick up on his needs, but for his Mommy, he goes about it a tad differently.

For such a little guy, the way he adapts to others and their different abilities is incredible and pretty amazing.

I wonder a lot about how I will do certain things or how I will adapt as he gets older and more independent, but at the same time, he is taking some of my wonder out of the equation and adapting himself. He truly does know that Mommy is a little different and if he wants to get my attention, he needs to do things different than he does for everyone else.

Even when reading books, he will get so excited, grab a book and bring it over to me, putting the book in my hand. He will then put his hands on my legs or knees, letting me know that he wants me to pick him up and read. We love feeling the touchy feely books and reading our braille books.

My Mom, Noah’s Grandma, has a variety of medical challenges and is unable to pick Noah up. Not to mention, he is a moose. Noah loves reading books with Grandma and he will grab a book or two, run up to her as she sits on the couch, and he will look around to see who is going to walk over and pick him up onto her lap. He is quite the easy going, go with the flow, good boy.

As I have talked about before, I never want to treat him any different because I cannot see, but the ways that he learns to interact with me differently, are just cute and fascinating.

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