A Cupboard of Toys

Noah is now on the move, awkwardly crawling into which ever room Mommy or Daddy happen to be in. If this happens to be the kitchen, there is nothing for Noah to really do but get into trouble, and he does this quite well. We have child proofed all of our cupboards in the kitchen but he still tries to climb them or open them.

We purchased some larger animal magnets to put lower on the refrigerator and Noah loves playing with them. He tosses them around and tries to put them back on the fridge and on the cupboards. Also, it’s a known fact that babies and toddlers will get into cupboards. I created a “toy cupboard” on the other side of our island, for Noah to play in. This area is out of the way of all of the appliances and is closest to the kitchen table.

I put a variety of toys, plastic bowls/plates, and random things in there. I change the items periodically to keep him interested. He loves pulling out the old peanut container filled with cheerios or the wooden blocks. I also have a few of his smaller bowls and sectioned plates that he can toss around. Right now, there is a small car that he loves rolling around on the hardwood floor, a couple of soft shape blocks, and there are some other noisy toys in there too.

This is helpful because if I need to get dinner ready for him, knowing he is nearby and in a safe spot with his toys is a major piece of mind. Also, switching up the toys keeps him interested to keep going back and see what is new in his cupboard.

I plan on putting some safe Tupperware or spatulas in there so he can play with those too. I even plan on putting a balloon in there since he loves balloons. Anything you can think of that isn’t really a toy, will work, whether it is a bowl, plastic soup ladle, or a measuring cup. I also plan on putting a pot or pan in there for him to smack around and bang together.

Have fun with it and mix things up once and awhile. Even though he has every toy imaginable, playing with a simple bowl in his own designated cupboard makes his day that much better.

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