74 days!

74 days of quarantine this far. This equates to about two and a half months, just in quarantine.

Gone are the days of taking a day off to get things done, go to a doctor appointment, or just relax and have a mental health day. I can’t remember the last time that I took a day off from work, to do anything other than quarantine with my little man. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with him and would not trade that for the world, but sometimes, it is just hard, and sometimes we just need a little break from reality.

Quarantining in general is tough, you feel isolated, stuck, and there is not much to do, but as a blind Mom, I feel that it is a bit more isolating and difficult.

It is winter right now, and not always possible to go play outside due to the temperature. Also, I do not feel comfortable yet, taking him outside by myself. Over the Summer, he was a major flight risk and would book it frequently. My fear would be that he got into the road and a plow came barreling by etc.

So, that leaves us stuck, inside, in the house, for ten days, with the same toys, TV shows, and things to do.

Noah was exposed to someone with covid at daycare, last Friday. So, for our 7th quarantine, which ends next Tuesday, we will do what we have always done…we will just figure it out.

Next Tuesday just happens to be Noah’s second birthday. Instead of saving his gifts for that one day, we are going to give him gifts, randomly, throughout this week to keep him busy, offer something new, and give him new things to play with.

He doesn’t really understand birthdays yet anyways, so we do not see any harm in giving some gifts ahead of time. It might save some our sanity as well, ha-ha.

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